Wills and Estates

Although we are a healthier society that has increased longevity, at some point we must all deal with dividing our assets up for our family. At the Windward Law Group, we can assist in the preparation of an estate plan that best meets your needs.
Not everyone needs the most complicated estate plan and if your situation calls for a simple estate plan, then that is exactly what we will prepare for you. Our goal is to is to listen to your needs and deliver to you, in a timely manner, the tailored estate plan that are needed.
Long term illness and the assistance that one needs during that troubled time is an issue in our lives as important, if not more important, then the estate plan itself. We will help you analyze these unforeseen needs in addition to preparing your will, through the drafting of the financial power of attorney, and the Georgia advanced Healthcare Directive.
Sometimes a straightforward gift out of an estate is not in the best interest of your children or heirs. Whether they are too young and will need a guardian or whether other issues such as existing health issues or lifestyle come into play, we can supplement your estate plan with just the right Trust.
Sometimes office visits are completely out of the question. If you are bed ridden, in hospice or any number of reasons prevent you from visiting us, then we will make arrangements to get to you. Please contact for an appointment.