40 Years Of Commercial And Residential Real Estate Assistance Specializing In For Sale By Owner Transactions

Frank Torch

With the downturn in the economy came the necessity for many of our clients to get out from under the debt on their homes. The choice of default and foreclosure is not a choice that many of our clients want to make. Instead, with our assistance in negotiating with their lender we are able to offer them an escape from their debt with dignity.

Frank TorchFrank Torch specializes in helping our clients navigate the path of a short sale transaction. As your non-lawyer consultant, Frank is highly trained and experienced in putting together just the right package of information for your lender so that you get an approval for your sale quickly. This in no way is a guarantee of success, but Frank has a very good track record. Especially since before taking on a case he will let you know up front if we can help you.
Before heading our short sale department, Frank, had more than 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry as a mortgage broker, 13 years as a nationally certified instructor in the mortgage industry, and currently teaches mortgage broker and loan originator licensing and continuing education classes.
Our fee structure is mostly contingent on our success and we do not charge any upfront fees.

We sincerely hope you will call upon us to work for you.