Home Warranty



Selling a home on your own can become an easy process with the help of the Windward Law Group. But did you know that the purchase of a Home Warranty during the selling process can become a great benefit for many reasons.
First, not only does it protect your pocketbook from a costly repair on your home; especially right before you are ready to move out. Nothing is more irritating than putting money into the sale of your home that you will never see the benefit. Especially with all the other costs involved in moving and closing on the new home. Second, when you are in competition with the other homes in your neighborhood and price range, a Home Warranty offers a competitive edge when a purchaser is deciding between your property and another. Finally, it is bad enough when the dishwasher breaks while you are listing your home, but even worse when it breaks the first day when the purchaser moves in. The transfer of the Home Warranty at the closing table, avoids that dreaded call from your purchaser asking how you want to handle the repair.

Since most Home Warranties have a 30 day waiting period before they begin, if you are thinking about selling your home it is a very good idea to go ahead and purchase the warranty.

As there are many home warranties on the market with different benefits and costs, before purchasing a warranty make sure that it meets your needs and is affordably priced. Although we have made it easy to click and go to Old Republic Home Protection, First American Home Warranty and American Home Shield are also very reputable companies to compare products and services.